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Socialisation In Dogs!

Get ready to transform your dog's social skills with our straightforward guide,

This easy-to-follow advice will show you how to:


- Ignore and Move On: Teach your dog to stay calm around people and other dogs, just like when we nod at someone and keep walking.

- Focus During Feeding: Turn meal times into a chance to improve focus. Feed your dog by hand while out, making them concentrate on you instead of distractions.

- Mix Walks with Training: Use your regular walks for command practice, keeping your dog's mind active and engaged with you.

- Bring Your Dog Along: The more places you go together, the better your dog will get at ignoring distractions and focusing on you.

- Avoid Unwanted Actions: An engaged dog is less likely to chase after animals or jump on people. Keep them interested in what you're doing together, and they'll behave better.

Watch the below video to learn more!


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