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Product Guarantee

Guarantee Policy


EQ K9 Store Product Guarantee Policy


1. Guarantee Start Date

   - Effective From: The guarantee commences from the purchase date for products bought via our website, Amazon, or eBay. Retain your purchase receipt as proof of the guarantee start date.


2. Coverage

   - Scope: Our products are designed specifically for interactive activities such as training, tug-of-war, and enhancing bite grip quality, aiding in dog training and helping improve your bond with your dog. Replacement is offered for damages incurred during these designated activities.


3. Product-Specific Guidelines

   - General Toy Use: Our dog toys are intended for interactive play and training, not as chew toys. To prevent damage, remove the toy from your dog's reach once you have finished playing.

   - Dog Ball with Rope: The rope attached to the dog ball is for human use, intended for throwing the ball. Damages to the rope are not covered.

   - Toy Handles: Handles on our toys are for human use during interactive play. Damages from biting or chewing the handles are not covered.


4. Exclusions

   - Chewing Damage: Damage resulting from the dog chewing any part of the toy is not covered. Our toys are designed for interactive play, meaning they are intended to be used by you to play and interact with your dog. The toy must be removed from your dog's reach once you have finished playing to prevent chewing and damage.


5. Inspection and Replacement Process

   - Procedure: When you return a damaged item, it undergoes a thorough inspection by our team. With over a decade of experience in dog training, we have the expertise to differentiate between damage caused by chewing and damage that may occur during normal training activities or tug-of-war play.

   - Reference Images: For your reference, we have included images on our website illustrating typical chewing damage.

   - Replacement Delivery: Approved replacements are dispatched via 48-hour delivery with Royal Mail ( UK Only ).


6. International Claims and Shipping Costs

   - Outside the UK: Non-UK customers must provide a prepaid postage label or pay the shipping cost.

   - EU Shipping Fees (Royal Mail Standard Delivery):

     - Up to 200g: £9.

     - 200g to 500g: £10.

     - 500g to 700g: £11.

     - 701g to 1.5kg: £15.

   - USA Shipping Fees (Royal Mail Standard Delivery):

     - Up to 500g: £15.

     - 501g to 700g: £18.

     - 701g to 1.3kg: £24.

   - Inside the UK: Replacement is free of charge.


7. Claim Process

   - How to Claim: Submit a claim via our online form or email with all necessary details.


8. Limitations

   - One-Time Use: The guarantee can be claimed only once per purchase.


9. Requirements for Claim

   - Proof of Ownership: The damaged item must be in your possession.

   - Proof of Purchase: A valid receipt is required.

   - Photographic Evidence: Photos of the damage are required.


10. Additional Information

    - Sale Items Coverage: Items bought on sale are covered.

    - Feedback Channel: We welcome feedback and suggestions.


11. Policy Updates and Customer Service

    - Dynamic Policy: The policy may be updated periodically.

    - Customer Support: Contact us at for assistance.


12. Health and Safety

    - Safety Precautions: Discontinue use if the product shows signs of damage.


13. Communication and Policy Changes

    - Communication Protocol: Claim status updates via email.

    - Policy Changes: We reserve the right to modify or discontinue the policy.


14. Privacy, Claim Period, and Product Availability

    - Data Protection: We comply with GDPR.

    - Claim Window: Claims are accepted within 6 months from the purchase date.

    - Stock Availability: Replacement is subject to stock availability. No refunds for out-of-stock items.


15. Return Policy and Costs

    - Return Costs: The buyer is responsible for return costs of damaged items.

    - Return Label: We do not provide a prepaid return label.

    - Replacement Shipping: We cover the shipping cost of the replacement item.

Examples of Training and Tug of War Wear Damages ( Covered under Guarantee )


The images displayed show the expected wear and tear that high-quality leather tug toys may endure during normal training sessions and tug-of-war play. This type of damage is characterized by:


- Localized Stress Damage: The areas where the dog's teeth grip and pull during tug of war or bite training show focused wear. Unlike the random tearing from chewing, here we see a more uniform wear pattern consistent with pulling forces applied during play.


- Material Integrity: While the leather may display bite marks and surface wear, the overall structure of the toy remains intact, demonstrating that the damage is due to interactive play rather than destructive chewing.


- Stitching and Seams: The stitching may show signs of stress, particularly where the dog repeatedly grips the toy. However, if the stitching remains largely intact and the toy is functional, this indicates normal wear.


- Handle Wear: The handle may exhibit creases or surface wear consistent with being held firmly during play. If there is no excessive fraying or tearing at the handle, it suggests proper use rather than chewing.


These images serve as a clear visual guide for our customers to understand the difference between damage caused by the intended use of tug of war and training, and that caused by chewing. The wear shown in these photos falls within what our guarantee covers — it's the evidence of a good, active play session, not misuse.

Examples of Damage from Chewing and Misuse: ( Not Covered Under Guarantee )

Screenshot_20231231_150631_Amazon Shopping.jpg

The images here display types of damage that are indicative of chewing and misuse, which are not covered by our guarantee. Here's what to look for:


- Randomized Damage: Unlike the localized wear from play, chewing results in random tears and punctures. As shown in the photos, this type of damage is scattered across various parts of the toy rather than being concentrated where a dog would naturally grip during play.


- Non-Localized Stress: The stress from chewing is not isolated to the handles or the intended bite zones. The images depict damage in areas that would not typically experience wear during training or tug of war, suggesting misuse.


- Excessive and Intense Wear: The type of damage seen here is the result of excessive gnawing, which can cause significant rips and holes throughout the toy. This is in contrast to the expected surface marks from training and play.


- Compromised Material Integrity: Chewing can compromise the toy's structure, leading to the internal stuffing being exposed or parts of the toy being completely detached, as is evident in several of the provided images.


These photos serve as examples of what is not covered by our guarantee, which excludes damage from persistent chewing and misuse. This guidance helps ensure our customers are aware of how to maintain the longevity of their purchase by using it as intended.

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